Bed Booking

Hospital Bed — Image by © Illustration Works/Corbis

If you require admission and or operation, you will have to book a bed. For this you have to take a requisition from me and present it to the admission counter of the hospital.

It is always better to book bed in advance to avoid unnecessary anxiety and inconvenience. At the time of admission you have to decide the class of bed. You may either book a bed in a large room (General) which will have many other patients or you may go for semi-private or full room. The charges of the hospital like investigations, operations, etc. are proportional to the class of admission. There might be a deposit to be paid at the time of bed booking as the the hospital policy. Bed booking thus has to be done by you.

Many times the beds are full and you may not get a bed. Occasionally, due to some emergency admissions even after booking a bed you may not get admission. In such case you have to keep your cool & request the admission counter to give you priority. Also, call my assistant and inform him. Many times we have some patients waiting for discharges and we may be able to request the hospital to adjust you against discharges. We can only assist you to get a bed but the final authority is the hospital.

In case of emergency the hospital tries their best to accommodate you.