Consultation / Outpatient / OPD charges:

  • To see me, first you have to pay & make a case paper at the payment counter at the hospital. List of hospitals.
  • After I give my consultation, there are no separate charges that I collect. However, if some wound management or dressings are required the charges are extra as per the hospital. Minor operations & procedure charges are also as per hospital.
  • Since you would be meeting me at trust hospitals, you would be paying very reasonable charges as per the tariff of these hospitals. The hospital will give receipt for each payment and there is no cash payment to be done to me.

Admitted / Indoor charges:

  • Again the charges are as per the hospital tariff & no separate charges are collected by me.
  • The charges that you pay to the hospital are dependent on the class of admission.
  • It is best that before you get admitted you take an estimate from the hospital. The hospital will give you a lump some figure. Final charges will be as per the various services rendered to you by me and the hospital.

The hospitals pays me monthly by cheque after deducting their component from the fees collected on my name. Also tax is deducted at source as per the government laws. Any kind of duplicate receipts & records if required are issued by the hospital & not by me.