Intestinal Obstruction due to Stones


MRS R____ K________ , a 55 year old female was transferred from a local nursing home

She was admitted in a local Nursing home with abdominal pain & vomiting. She was treated as a case of acidity. In spite of the treatment for a week, she did not improve.

When she came to me, her symptoms  were suggestive of intestinal obstruction (blockage). A CT scan of abdomen was undertaken. CT scan revealed that she had intestinal obstruction due to a large 5 centimeter stone. This is called Gall stone ileus.


How did the stone land up in her intestine?

No it was not a swallowed stone. This stone had formed in her Gall Bladder over many years. Due to its weight & chronic inflammation, the stone gradually perforated into her small intestine (duodenum). Since the stone was very large it could not pass thro the small intestine and got stuck in the last part of small intestine. Patient was having pain & constantly vomiting due to this blockage.

The treatment was done using minimal access surgery instead of making a big cut on her abdomen – laparotomy. Using laparoscopy, the site of blockage was identified. A small incision was made on her abdomen. The stone was cut open from the intestine (enterolithotomy) and the intestine was placed back into the abdomen.


The blockage was cleared and the patient recovered smoothly and was discharged in few days.

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