Waited too long

I got a call from emergency that a 32 year old female had come with severe pain in abdomen & vomiting. She had pain since five days and no she was also running fever. I went to examine her. She looked familiar. She had my old case papers. She meet me couple of years back. She had Gallstones but refused to get operated because she said it was hardly causing any symptoms.

She felt that the stones were very small and her granny had carried all her life without any trouble. Now she had come with big complication. Her gall bladder stone had impacted in the neck choking the gall bladder. As a result the gall bladder was full of pus, a condition called Empyema of the gall bladder. To complicate the matters she had since her delivery developed diabetes. I took her up for an emergency laparoscopy surgery. First I evacuated the pus. his allowed me the hold & move the gall bladder so as to dissect it out from the liver. I delivered the gall bladder successfully. Took me double the average time. I had to keep a drainage tube so that the toxins from her abdomen will gradually come out. I had to keep a nasogastric tube so as to avoid fluid and gas accumulation. There was not much blood loss.

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