How to Avoid Gallbladder Stone Surgery

Stools after taking olive oil flush

Stools passed out after olive oil therapy makes patient feel that he has passed out Gall stonesStools passed out after olive oil therapy makes patient feel that he has passed out Gall stonesI got an emergency call that a 40 year old male executive has come with severe pain in his abdomen.

I immediately arrived at emergency room. This patient was rolling with pain. I ordered for three injections. In about 15 minutes he was 80% better

I examined him – he had severe pain in his upper abdomen just below the ribs.

I ordered for an ultrasound – it was multiple gall stones. I told him about it.

He replied, “Sir, its impossible, i just passed all the stones out in my stools last week”

Passed stones in stool? Oh another case!

“You mean by olive oil technique?” I replied

“Yes sir – I read it on internet. I did it for three times so as to clear all stones that were seen in my last ultrasound. I saw them. I passed out in my stools. They were really big stones.”

I asked his wife to get the older report. In the meantime I arranged for his admission. His wife phoned up her brother in law and in about half hour i had his previous report.

After comparing the previous report with the current one I replied “You did not pass a single stone. Its all illusion of olive oil. Now because you played around with olive oil, you have lost valuable time & invited complications of Gall stones. After undergoing olive therapy, nest day the stools look like stones and patients feel they have passed out stone. Such stones can never travel thro the tiny bile duct into intestine so fast and that too without any stomach pain.”

Next day I operated on him. Latter he was discharged with hardly any pain.

In trying to avoid surgery even learned man get mislead by such tall claims. If you are too fanatic about olive oil therapy – try it out. But please do a follow up ultrasonography and see it for yourself – not a single change in gall bladder stone status.

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