Hernia Becomes Gangrenous

Often Indian ladies have large bellies. Common causes are multiple pregnancies, sedentary lifestyle, poor physical exercises and health neglect. At times scars on abdomen of surgeries compound the weakness of the tummy.

It is not uncommon to notice a protrusion (hernia) thro natural scar (umbilicus) or surgical scars. “My mom also had it” is a common answer which denotes that they have a metabolic error whereby the scars are inherently formed weak. They move around with such bulges on their huge tummies. At times there is no umbilicus visible because of huge hernias. At times they are huge protrusions of the intestines and other contents.

So when the patients are advised to get operated their argument is that so many have it and for so many years they are carrying on without any complaints, so why operate? Well the reason to get it operated is that slowly all of them grow. More and more contents of the tummy start protruding out and one day it becomes so tight or overcrowded that they get strangulated and there is no space for blood to nourish the intestines and other contents. Thus a simple problem gets complicated. The patient all of a sudden suffers from great pain as a result has to be rushed to the hospital. The surgery becomes lengthy and riskier. The recovery period increases and so does the cost. Why wait so long?

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