He returns

He returned after two years. Last time he came for groin hernia operation on right side. Now he has returned – this time he has developed a new hernia in the left groin. He was extremely happy with the result of surgery last time and hence when he developed another hernia, he decided to come back to me again.

He flies down all the way from US. Why does he have to come to India for treatment? Simple – he has no health insurance. Health insurance in US is extremely costly. For someone like my patient who is a simple painter it is beyond his reach. Added to this is the financial recession. He had to move to a city in southern state just to get a job. Medical treatment in US without a health insurance policy is extremely costly. You can loose all your fortune if a health disaster strikes. Even if you have insurance, its difficult to get early appointment. Often patients have to wait for months to get a simple operation like that of hernia.

Groin hernia cost is almost 30 times compared to the cost that I offer. Cost for other diseases is also in same range. So flying to Mumbai plus the medical cost is still minuscule compared to fixing it in US.

US has got some of the best medical facilities. But you need money to access it. There is practically very less free treatment. Sound similar to the situation in third world. Isn’t it?

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