Stone slipping out of Gall Bladder versus stone slipping out of Kidney

Often patients are under a notion that stone slipping out of Gallbladder means patient will problem is solved. This happens because they have heard that stoens slippng out of kidney means it will come out in urine. This understanding is not correct. A small stone slipping out of kidney may pass out of body in urine. However, a small stone passing out of Gall bladder is simply dangerous and could be even life threatening. Patient can experience severe pain. Patient can get bile choke up and jaundice. Patient can get sever infection of bile causing a high fever. Worst, the stone can choke up the pancreas causing sever inflammation that can turn fatal. In kidney, if there are small stones, often no treatment is required as they pass out on its own. Occationally patient can get sever pain but that can be taken care by medication. However, small stones in Gall bladder are even more dangerous as they can slip out of Gall bladder and cause sever complications that not only endangers a patient’s life but can also tremendously increase the cost of treatment. So if you have small stones in Gall Bladder and are simply waiting for them to pass out, please do not take risk.

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