Waited too long!

A fifty year old lady came from Madhya Pradesh with complaints of painful breast lump and pus discharge.

She had the lump in the breast since six months. She ignored it since it was not giving any pain to her and also her son was getting about to get married. While she totally ignored it and the lump progressed

After her sons’ marriage was over, she came to me with a large lump which had become painful and was discharging pus. While she waited the disease advanced to last Stage of breast cancer.

I investigated her and found that the cancer had also spread to her armpits She was started on palliative treatment. Had she come earlier, I could have offered a better quality of life to her.

Remember :

1) Do not ignore a breast lump.

2) All breast cancers are painless to start. Pain in breast cancer comes in advanced stages.

Advanced Breast Cancer

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