A case of Anemia with Cancer Colon

A 75 year old female came to me in emergency with complaints of constipation, inability to pass faltus (obstipation), severe pain abdomen, persistent vomiting,  extreme weakness & stomach fullness since 5 days.

Prior to this, she had chronic constipation often alternating with loose stools since six months. She was taking laxatives from various doctors but it was helping her some times.

She had low haemoglobin (anemia) & was taking treatment from General practitioner.

On examination she was looking toxic and her abdomen was distended. She per rectal examination showed that there was no stools.

X-ray of abdomen showed that the large intestine was totally blocked. CT Scan revealed a possiblity of a tumour in har large intestine.

Her haemoglobin was 6 grams ( half of normal).

She required urgent surgery to relieve blockage in her intestine.

She was a high risk for surgery in view of old age , low haemoglobin, weak heart & major surgery.

She was taken for surgery & part of her large intestine was removed. After surgery, she was in ICU. In few days she was discharged.

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